Material Handling & Conveyor Gearboxes

Since 1975, Superior Gearbox Company has been a leading provider of top-quality gear drives.  Our products include standard and custom bevel gear drives.  Our products include standard and custom bevel gear drives, worm gear reducers, helical gearmotors, and other gear drives for power transmission. We specialize in conveyor motor gearboxes and elevator motor gearboxes.  High-quality gearboxes are essential for reliable conveying, pumping, processing, and handling materials in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing plants. 

Learn more about our material handling gearmotors and common conveyor systems that utilize our gearboxes.

Material Handling Gearmotors

Gearmotors are used for material handling processes across diverse industries.  Mechanized these systems enable more consistent and efficient material movement, reducing risky injury, accidents, or costly delays.  Our gearmotors are built to last in heavy-duty commercial, industrial, and warehouse equipment, including:

  • Conveyance systems
  • Overhead and electrical overhead traveling cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Gantry cranes for bulky, oversized items.
  • Mobile cranes at active construction sites
  • Paper roll clamps
  • Platform Trucks
  • Ship loaders

These machines rely on high levels of power to lift very heavy loads with precise motion control.  Superior Gearbox offers the following gearmotors for material handling applications. 

SGR Series Helical Gearmotor

The helical inline gearmotor has input and output shafts, which may or may not be offset from each other. Inline gearmotors are characterized as parallel or coaxial and transmit power in the same direction as the motor. The SGR series gearmotor is designed to provide reliable performance at high power levels.  Clients can choose the ideal torque and gear ratio to suit their project, and the gearmotors can be used with nearly any mechanical system.

SGK Series Helical Bevel Gearmotor

If your application requires resilient, hardy components, opt for the SGK Series Helical Bevel Gearmotors.  These helical bevel gearmotors have input and output shafts at 90° angles. These units can be used indoors and outdoors in a variety of environments at high or low temperatures without compromising performance.  SGK Series gearmotors are compact and offer more than 90% efficiency for both rational directions.  They are also compatible with many critical mechanical systems.

SGF Series Parallel Shaft Helical Gearmotor

Parallel shaft gearmotors also have input and output shafts that are oriented in the same direction, but offset by a distance, causing the shaft axes to be parallel in a compact and slim design. These gearmotors provide superior power in a compact and slim design.  These units are built for heavy duty applications such as processing in steel mills, moving raw materials on industrial conveyors, and handling industrial goods. 

SGS Series Helical Worm Gearmotor

The SGF helical gearmotor combines the high reduction of a worm gear drive with the efficiency of the helical.  This series is well suited for application that requires a right-angle output.  Helical worm gearmotors consist of worm gear drives with an integrated electric motor, complemented by helical pre-stage reductions. The reduced input speed of the electric motor increases torque capacity and efficiency.

Gearboxes in Conveyor Systems

Superior Gearbox provides gear drives and gearmotors for a wide array of mechanical assemblies.  Although the possible applications for gearmotors are exceptionally varied.  Gearmotors drive a countless number of conveyors lines, lift and lower loads, and move the widest variety of different foods from A to B.  Three common conveyor systems are:

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors operate at level or inclined planes to move along a fixed course safely and consistently.  The goods rest along the belt, which moves forward or backward along the route.  The gearboxes that typically power conveyor belts include bevel helical, in-line helical, and worm gearboxes.

Chain Conveyors

In chain conveyance systems, goods move from station to station via chain.  These conveyors are most common in diary and meat production facilities (including slaughterhouses) as well as construction material centers like timber mills and brick plants.  Chain conveyors typically utilize parallel shafts and bevel helical gearboxes. 

Roller Conveyors

Roller systems use rollers to move large volumes of products.  These systems require gearmotors or gearboxes that are compact but deliver high amounts of torque, so parallel shafts and inline helical gear reducers are ideal. 

Why Choose Superior Gearbox?

Choosing the right gearbox for your facility’s specific conveyance requirements is essential for reliably and safely transporting goods.  At Superior Gearbox, we use state-of-the-art engineering software to develop consistent and cost-effective gearboxes.  We test, inspect, and optimize each gearbox to deliver long service lifespans.  We are committed to providing exceptional customer service for every client.  Contact us today to learn more about our range of gearboxes or to start your custom order.