SGK Helical Bevel Gearmotors



SGK Series | Helical Bevel Gearmotor

Superior Gearbox SGK-Series helical-bevel gearmotors contain high torque density with the highest efficiency available in a right-angle design. Instead of losing energy via the sliding friction of a worm gear, the K-series uses much lower rolling friction of helical and bevel gears. The result is minimum heat and maximum energy savings to the end user.



  • Product Range
    Power ratings from 0.05 to 615 HP
    Ratios from 3.98:1 to 24,353:1
    Output torques to 442,500 lb-in.
  • Reducer
    Efficiency = 95.5%
    Gears manufactured from certified steel, heat treated to a case hardness of 58-62 Rockwell C
    Finished ground or shaved gear teeth to assure minimum noise, minimum heat, and maximum mechanical efficiency
    Anti-friction bearings for optimum load capacity and long life
    •Captured keys on input and output shafts
    •Gear housing contains high strength cast iron, SAE Class 30 or equivalent (GG20)
    •O-ring on flange to prevent oil leakage when mounted on a surface that is not totally flat
    •High cross-section modulus design, rugged monobloc design for maximum rigidity
    •Center tapped holes on output shafts to aid the installation of shaft components
    •Metric or Inch dimension output shafts
    •Removable inspection cover
    •Shock capacity meets or exceeds AGMA 6009-A00
  • Motor
    •Inverter duty
    •Connection terminals
    •Low rotor inertia for high cycling and tight control
    •EISA (IE3) “Premium” available
    •50Hz, 60Hz, or 50/60Hz global motor for shipment into Europe
  • Mounting
    •Torque arm for shaft mounting
    •B14 or B5 flange with centering tenon
    •Can be ordered for any mounting orientation
  • Optional Features
    •C-Face or IEC motor adapter
    •Torque arm that attaches to bottom of gear unit
    •Heavy duty taper roller bearings (67-127)
    •FKM seals instead of NBR
    •Corrosion and/or long term storage protection
    •High cycling fail-safe brake
    •Forced cooling fan for low frequency operation
    •Thermostat or thermistor protection
    •Plug connectors for quick motor replacement
    •Two-speed motor
    •Motor encoder - built-in or externally mounted
    •CSA hazardous location and ATEX rated motors

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