Spindle 240 Series

240 Series | Mower Deck Spindle

Superior Gearbox Company  is dedicated to providing high quality lawn mower spindles for both residential and commercial lawn mowers. Spindles are crucial parts lawn mower cutting decks that work together with the pulleys and belts to perform clean and even mowing.  This is the best-performing, most reliable spindle in the commercial industry…hands down.  Each spindle comes standard with a matched set of tapered roller bearings that increase load capacity and overall bearing life.  The die cast, fully machined casing halves provide unbeatable protection against the everyday abuses of mowing.  Our 240 Series Spindle is ideal for medium duty applications where it’s low profile and short blade-to-deck dimension is necessary.

  • Features


    • Two-piece aluminum housing for high strength, corrosion resistance and thermal capacity
    • Die cast, fully machined case halves capture and protect bearings and double lip seals
    • Tapered roller bearings provide increased load capacity and bearing life
    • High strength, cost effective ductile iron gears are cast with integral weights
    • 1″ shaft made of high strength steel standard
    • The 240 series spindle weighs approximately 4.5 pounds, depending upon shaft and adapter configuration
    • All Superior spindles are available with a variety of anti-warp devices to increase durability in mower applications
    • The 240 is recommended for medium duty use where its low profile and short blade-to-deck dimension is needed
  • Applications


    • Riding Mowers
    • Zero-turn Mowers
    • Mower Decks
    • Lawn Tractor
    • Garden Tractor
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