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Custom Gear Drives for Spreaders

Generally, gear drives transfer rotational power from one part to another, often transferring the force into different planes or orientations.  Gear drives are complex assemblies of gears and other mechanical parts that facilitate the movement of power from one part to a connected part. By transferring power, they can increase speed, reduce speed, amplify torque, […]

How to Source Custom Gear Reducers

Gear reducers—also known as speed reducers or gearboxes—are mechanical devices used to reduce the input power source speed to achieve the desired output speeds and raise the output torque to appropriate levels for the application. They consist of an input gear with fewer teeth than the output gear. This design causes the output gear to […]

What Is a Worm Gear?

A worm gear, also called a worm drive, is a gear configuration in which a screw or worm meshes with the teeth of a gear. Worm gears are typically used when substantial speed reductions are required. A worm gear configuration enables the rotational speed to be adjusted, which is ultimately determined by the number of […]