Superior Gearbox Products

Superior Gearbox Products

High Quality Engineering Leads to High Quality Products

For over 45 years Superior Gearbox has been the trusted source for gearboxes and gear drives of all sizes and for a multitude of applications.  Companies around the world look to Superior for the best.  We specialize in speed control technology including a variety of quality manufactured bevel gear drives, worm speed reducers, and helical gearmotors.  When you need a high-performance gearbox for your equipment regardless of production size or application complexity, we are the team to talk to.

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Industrial Worm Gear Drives

Industrial worm gear reducers offered by Superior Gearbox are an ideal solution for power transmission applications that need high-ratio speed reduction in a small space using a right angle (90°). In the proper application, gearing with worms and worm gears offers the smoothest, quietest operation possible.

In addition to decreased space and greater simplicity, our Variodrive series was designed to be directly interchangeable with most industry standard NRV & NMRV worm gear reducer solutions.  Both the BMQ and B models include a variety of features and benefits designed to provide greater efficiency in speed reduction and increased torque.  The small diameter of the output gear allows the Variodrive to be used in applications where space is limited.

Low Input Speed Worm Gear Reducers

For equipment that requires slow input speed and high torque, it is common to use an electric motor coupled to a worm gear reducer to achieve the required speed and torque. The gear reducer multiplies the output torque from the motor and reduces the motor output speed by the same ratio. You can choose from many different industrial gear reducers to increase torque and reduce speed by using worm gears, helical gears, or bevel gears internally.  However, worm gears are one of the most popular types of gear reducers.

Superior Gearbox offers a complete line of  low input speed worm gear reducers manufactured in the USA.  These units, when properly mounted and lubricated, function as the quietest and smoothest running type of gearing on the market. Because of the high ratios possible with our worm gearing options, maximum speed reduction can be accomplished in less space than many other gearing solutions. 


Bevel Gear Drives

Superior Gearbox Company’s high-quality right angle gear drives are designed for efficiency, quiet operation, and long service life. We offer a broad selection of right angle gear drives in various configurations, materials, and multiple ratios. Standard catalog items include precision and commercial quality gear drives offered in inch sizes.  Modifications or custom designs can be produced if the standard does not meet your application requirements.  For modifications or custom designs call and speak to a Superior representative.

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All Other Gear Drive Options

Custom Gear Drive Solutions

While standard gearboxes and components typically meet the requirements of most OEM mechanical applications, there are several benefits to designing a custom gearbox. Customization allows for specific needs to be met, whether its material, size, or requirements for speed and low backlash.  It also provides the opportunity for an OEM to be involved in the full process, ranging from design to production.

Through our experience, we have developed six distinct core capabilities:Custom Gearboxes...Our Specialty

• Customer Service
• Engineering and Design
• Sourcing
• Shaft Turning
• Casting Machining
• Assembly and Testing

This gives us the versatility and flexibility to modify standard products or custom
design products to meet your specific requirements. Our knowledgeable sales and
engineering departments work closely with you to custom design new units for
your individual applications.

And, we’re ready to assume as many responsibilities as necessary to ensure you
have the product you need when you need it. From concept to production, you can
count on Superior teamwork to find the best solution for your application.


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