Industrial Worm Gear Reducers

Superior Gearbox is a leading supplier of industrial worm gear reducers.  Our Variodrive and Cleandrive series is a popular choice because of its flexibility, adaptability, and efficiency.  Whether you require a single or double stage worm reduction gearbox; we have the perfect solution for your unique application requirements.  The wide range of available options and accessories makes it possible to customize every worm gearbox.  These worm gear drives are easy to install and guarantee smooth smooth operation, a long service life, low noise, and require minimal maintenance.

Variodrive & Cleandrive Industrial Worm Gear Reducers

Industrial Worm Gear Reducer

  • Variodrive Series

    In addition to decreased space and greater simplicity, a Variodrive includes a variety of features and benefits designed to provide greater efficiency in speed reduction and increased torque.  Our Variodrive series provides an advanced worm gear reduction solution for a variety of industries.  These units are designed with both efficiency and flexibility in mind.  Both the BMQ and B models can be used with a wide range of power ratings and reduction ratios, in addition to being directly interchangeable with industry-standard NMRV and NRV models.

    Benefits of a Variodrive solution: 

    • Heat dissipation. The ribbed aluminum design of the Variodrive provides improved heat dissipation, allowing for higher thermal resistance and reduced internal pressure buildup.
    • Design improvements. The typical bushing style reducers are replaced with two bearings along the input shaft, offering improved leak prevention and mounting flexibility.
    • Flange options. Standard NEMA motor flange or IEC motor flange configurations are available.
    • O-rings. The use of O-rings on the input flange and output cover, in contrast to typical paper gaskets, provides a more effective seal and prevent leakage.
    • Bore design. The hollow output bore design with optional plug-in shafts is standard on Variodrive, contributing to lowered inventory levels and improved profitability.
    • No ventilation. Variodrive does not require a breather plug or any form of ventilation because of its superior heat dissipation design. This feature allows lifelong sealing, mitigating the risk of outside contaminants.
    • Ratios from 100:1 in a single reduction stage and 10,000:1 in a double reduction unit are available.
    • Corrosion-resistant. The aluminum housing and protective coating mitigate the risk of corrosion.
    • Interchangeable. Both the BMQ and B models are designed to be directly interchangeable with most NMRV and NRV industry standard models.

  • Cleandrive Series

    Cleandrive units adhere to generally accepted principles of sanitary and hygienic design. These units enhance the functionality of equipment and facilities while reducing the potential threat of product cross contamination. The Superior Gearbox Cleandrive Series is suited for applications operating in corrosive environments that require a high level of sanitation while preventing adulteration.

    Benefits of a Cleandrive solution: 

    • Stainless Steel housings, shafts and hardware.
    • Food grade synthetic lubricant.
    • Smooth surfaces to comply with stringent requirements for the food processing industry
    • Easy to clean: All products within the Superior Gearbox Cleandrive product lines incorporate sound elements of design that allow for easier access to facilitate cleaning.
    • Cleandrive units are designed to help provide a safe production environment for our customers.
    • Designed to be directly interchangeable with most industry-standard NMRV applications requiring a high standard of hygiene such as the food industry.

Industrial Worm Gear Reducer

Industrial Worm gear Reducer Double Stage

Key Features:

  • Smooth Operation
  • High quality aluminum alloy die cast gearbox
  • High accuracy worm gear and worm shaft
  • Less noise and lower temperature increase
  • Easy mounting and linking, high efficiency
  • Excellent mechanical strength and particularly lightweight

Highly Customizable:

  • 9 models
  • 12 ratio options
  • Motor input flange or input shaft options available in all sizes and ratios.
  • Output designs with hollow output bore, foot mounted single or double output shafts, or flange mount.
  • Input power: 0.25 HP ~ 43.22 HP
  • Output torque: 115 in. lbs. ~ 13715 in. lbs.
  • Output revolutions per minute: 18 RPM ~ 350 RPM
  • Output overhang load: 113 lbs. ~ 3346 lbs.

Industrial Worm Gear Reducer