R20A Series



R20A Series | 60 Degree Bevel Gear Drive

Superior Gearbox has over 45 years experience with design and manufacturing of specialty gearboxes.  The R20A 68 degree bevel gearbox was specifically designed and developed for grain augers.  Each unit is rigorously field tested to meet the most demanding auger requirements. Choose from an exist ratio and shaft configuration or submit a request for quotation to customize our standard option to meet your specific application requirements. If your application requires a custom drive solution, our engineers will work you from design to conception to design a bevel gearbox that meets your exact application that minimizes stress and wear on your equipment and provides maximum service life.

  • Features


    • Two-piece aluminum housing for high strength, corrosion resistance and thermal capacity
    • Precision machined for exact gear mesh and bearing preload
    • Precision forged gears are offered in a 1:1 ratio
    • Tapered roller bearings provide increased load capacity and bearing life
    • 1" shaft made of high strength steel is standard
    • Serviced with 80W90 gear lubricant, run and leak tested before shipment
    • The R20A Series weighs 12/15 lbs. including 12 oz of lubricant
  • Applications

    Our R20A Series Gearbox is ideal for applications such as Grain Augers and Elevators. These agriculture gear drives have been rigorously field tested to meet the most demanding portable auger requirements.

  • Technical Drawing
    R20A Drawing
  • Ratings Chart

    R20A Series - 1.25" Shaft Diameter

    RatioInput RPM
    Power & Torque10054010001750


    19, 19

    Forged Straight Bevel

    Input HP8.4335.4653.2371.42
    Output Torque*5313413933552572
    Input kW6.2926.4439.6953.26
    Output Torque**600468291379
    All ratings specified with the #1 shaft as the input.                      *Torque measured in inch-lbs    **Torque measured in N-m

    LIMITATIONS ON HORSEPOWER AND TORQUE RATINGS: The horsepower and torque ratings given here are generalizations.  Different conditions for various applications may result in higher or lower horsepower capacities.  Under certain conditions the maximum indicated RPM may be exceeded.  For these reasons the ratings cannot be guaranteed for any application.  Prototype testing should be conducted for each application before production.

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    R20A Series Brochure Image


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