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How to Source Custom Gear Reducers

Gear reducers—also known as speed reducers or gearboxes—are mechanical devices used to reduce the input power source speed to achieve the desired output speeds and raise the output torque to appropriate levels for the application. They consist of an input gear with fewer teeth than the output gear. This design causes the output gear to rotate slower than the input gear, which decreases the output speed and multiplies the amount of torque generated by the input source. 

Since gear reducers are available in many shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to choose one for a particular application. Fortunately, the gear drive experts at Superior Gearbox Company have put together the following guide to sourcing custom gear reducers. It highlights the steps to take to ensure the component you select is right for your needs. 

Identify the Application of the Custom Gear Reducer

Gear reducers are used to decrease speed and increase torque of a variety of industrial and household machines. Examples of equipment in which they are commonly found include: 

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Carts
  • Conveyor systems
  • Mining tools
  • Presses
  • Pumps

Each of these applications has different needs that affect the optimal design for the speed reducer. It is important to consider these unique requirements and restrictions before going into the design and prototyping stages. 

Design and Prototype the Custom Gear Reducer

Once you’ve identified the demands of the application, we can design a gear reducer that can achieve and accommodate the necessary speed and torque levels. Additionally, our team of experts will work with you to ensure your custom gearbox design meets the other requirements and restrictions of the application, including with regard to environmental conditions, transfer accuracy, output style and modifications, and size/fit. Creating prototypes of each design helps ensure you create a component with the proper form, fit, and function. 

Choose a Supplier That Can Meet Your Needs

Working with a custom gearbox manufacturer ensures the design of a product that meets your exact design requirements for power, speed, and torque.  The manufacturer you choose for your custom gear reducer project can significantly affect the success of your project. You should partner with a company that has the knowledge and skills to help you identify what type of gear reducer you need for your application and design, prototype, and manufacture an appropriate solution. 

Superior Gearbox Company: A Reliable Supplier of Custom Gear Reducers

Looking for a manufacturer you can rely on to provide a custom gearbox that meets your application demands for form, fit, and function? Superior Gearbox Company is the ideal partner! Equipped with over 45 years of gear drive manufacturing experience, we have what it takes to deliver gear drives for nearly any customer need.   Our skilled team with work with you from every step of the way to develop cost-effective solutions for even the most demanding applications.

We are superior in more than just name:

  • We provide superior products. We supply right angle, bevel, worm gear, and spindle drives for various on- and off-road applications. We can also custom-design gear drives for unique applications. 
  • We maintain superior advantages. We utilize state-of-the-art engineering software to produce consistent and economical products that offer reliable performance throughout years of use.
  • We offer superior services. We can take products from design to prototype to final testing. Our team ensures each component is carefully manufactured, tested, and inspected to ensure it meets the highest quality standards every time. 

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What Is a Worm Gear?

A worm gear, also called a worm drive, is a gear configuration in which a screw or worm meshes with the teeth of a gear. Worm gears are typically used when substantial speed reductions are required. A worm gear configuration enables the rotational speed to be adjusted, which is ultimately determined by the number of starts and teeth on the worm gear.

Applications of Worm Gears

Worm gears are used in many applications where low speed and a relatively large amplification of power is required. They appear in simple, everyday home devices as well as heavy machinery. Worm gears have many advantages over other transmission methods—especially for applications that require speed reduction.

Here are just a few examples that show how worm gears are commonly used today:

Elevators — Worm gears are standard to use in applications that require fast braking or stopping, such as an elevator. In addition to their compact size, worm gears are used in these applications because, in the proper size and ratio, they can stop and hold a load and won’t go in reverse. These properties help ensure that the load cannot free fall, and they help to regulate the elevator’s speed.

Tuning Instruments — One of the most common uses of a worm gear is the tuning mechanism found on stringed instruments such as guitars, banjos, and violins. Often referred to as a machine head and usually located on the instrument’s headstock, the worm gear allows the user to adjust the strings and lock the gear into place when the desired tightness is achieved. The worm gears used for tuning instruments are unique because they can be used to tighten or loosen the strings, whereas most other types of gears move only in one direction.

Conveyors — Conveyors are used extensively in industrial applications to move products from one place to another. Worm gearboxes are an economical way to provide the required torque increase and speed reduction required from electric motors to move the products efficiently.

Automatic Security Gates — Automatic security gates lock when closed and will not run in reverse. Security gates typically use two separate worm drives to open and close a gate. The ability of a worm drive to lock in place ensures that the gate remains in position and cannot be forced or breached.

Why Use a Worm Gear Speed Reducer?

Worm gears are commonly used for speed reduction because multiple conventional gear sets are needed to achieve the same effect. Rather than installing more gear sets, worm gears have an increased reduction ratio, which makes them more effective. The ratio increases depending on the number of teeth on the worm gear and how many threads are included on the pinion. Worm gears are also more cost-effective than conventional gears because they have fewer components and a lower risk of mechanical failure.

Learn How Superior Gearbox Company Can Help Reduce Speed on Your Work Gears

Worm gears are one of the most common and economical methods available for reducing rotational speed, and they are integral to many mechanisms, both simple and complex. They’re more practical for many applications than conventional gear kits because they require less space and operate quietly. They’re also more mechanically stable and have anti-reversing properties needed for some applications.

At Superior Gearbox, we have manufactured high-quality gear drives for power transmission systems since 1975. We offer our clients many gear drives designed for various applications and can also create custom designs to meet your specifications.

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