R200 Series

Image of the R200 Series Right Angle Gearbox

R200 Series | Right Angle Bevel Gearbox

The compact design of our R200 right angle gearbox makes it ideal for a wide variety of power transmission and motion control applications where right angle motion is needed in an area with limited space.  Standard R200 series gearboxes are rated up to 1750 input RPM, are available in multiple rotation options, and are offered in miter, reducing, and increasing ratios.

With over 30 years of experience developing market- and customer specific gear drives, our highly experienced engineering and manufacturing teams are ready to assist you with your specific application requirements. This can include reverse engineering or modifying an existing right angle gearbox, as well as starting from scratch to develop a completely new design. Our thorough knowledge of right angle gear drive components allows us to customize each feature of the gearbox to make sure the final product perfectly fits the customer’s needs.

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    • *Rotation options G-L is not available for the R800 series
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