R700 Series


R700 Series | Right Angle Bevel Gearbox

Superior Gearbox Company manufactures it’s R700 Series gearboxes to withstand the most demanding applications.  The R700 series is designed for power transmission, high torque, and dynamic applications. These right angle gearboxes feature high strength aluminum housings, precision forged gears, and robust bearings all contributing to a reliable and optimized performance.

If you require an industrial gearbox, our experienced team can design, engineer, and manufacture it. We will reverse engineer to create a precise match, build to existing specifications, or improve upon your existing design.


  • Features


    • Two-piece aluminum housing for high strength, corrosion resistance and thermal capacity
    • Precision machined for exact gear mesh and bearing preload
    • Precision forged gears are offered in 2.92:1 ratio
    • Tapered roller bearings provide increased load capacity and bearing life
    • 1.75" input shaft and 2.75" output shaft made of high strength steel is standard
    • Serviced with 80W90 gear lubricant, run and leak tested before shipment
    • The 700 Series weighs 120 lbs. including 125 oz of lubricant
  • Applications


    • Large Rototillers
    • Silage Compactors
    • Heavy Duty Industrial Equipment
    • Material Handling
  • Technical Drawing
    R700 Drawing
  • Rotation Options
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  • Rating Chart

    R700 Series Bevel Gear Drive

  • Service Factors
    Gearbox Service Factor Chart
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    • *Rotation options G-L is not available for the R800 series
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Seal and bearing kits are available at superiorgearboxdirect.com.

Service Manuals can be downloaded here.