Shaker S10 Series


S10 Series | Vibratory Shaker Drives

Superior Gearbox Company’s S10 Series vibrating shaker drives are recognized and used as energy efficient drives for a wide variety of vibrating equipment throughout the world. Applications include open and enclosed pan conveyors, screeners, feeders, packing tables, dewatering units, tampers and cable laying plows. Our shaker’s unique operating principle is applicable to countless other new and unusual application possibilities.

  • Features


    • Two-piece aluminum housing for high strength, corrosion resistance and thermal capacity
    • Precision machined for exact gear mesh and bearing preload
    • 100% leak tested
    • High strength, cost effective ductile iron gears are cast with integral weights
    • High strength alloy shafts
    • Tapered roller bearings provide increased load capacity and bearing life
    • Continuous Operation
    • Long Life Dependency
    • Low Maintenance Schedule
    • The S10 Series weighs approximately 80/90 lbs
  • Applications


    • Open and Enclosed Pan Conveyors
    • Screeners
    • Feeders
    • Packaging Tables
    • Paint Shakers
    • De-watering unit
    • Tampers
    • Electronic Test Tables
    • Cable Laying Plows
  • Technical Drawing
    S10 Series Shaker Gearbox Drawing
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