IP39 Series - Dual Input




• Two-piece aluminum housing for high strength, corrosion resistance and thermal capacity
• Precision machined for exact gear mesh and bearing pre-load
• Standard ratio 6.09:1
• Dual hydraulic motor input
• Ball bearings provide increased load capacity and bearing life

IP39 Dual Input Drawing

IP39 Dual Input Drawing

Ratings Chart

RatioInput RPM
Power & Torque1203607201000
Dual Hydraulic Motor Input


11, 67

From Forged Steel

Input HP2.857.0612.5116.43
Output Torque*9130752866726306
Input kW2.135.269.3312.25
Output Torque**1032851754713
All ratings specified with the #1 shaft as the input.                      *Torque measured in inch-lbs    **Torque measured in N-m

LIMITATIONS ON HORSEPOWER AND TORQUE RATINGS: The horsepower and torque ratings given here are generalizations.  Different conditions for various applications may result in higher or lower horsepower capacities.  Under certain conditions the maximum indicated RPM may be exceeded.  For these reasons the ratings cannot be guaranteed for any application.  Prototype testing should be conducted for each application before production.