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Variodrive Series | Industrial Worm Gear Reducer

Superior Gearbox is a leader in providing industrial worm gear drive technologies designed for reliable performance in tough industrial applications.  Worm Gear Reducers also known as worm gearbox or worm speed reducers. Worm gear reducers are used for speed reduction and increasing the torque for electric motor drives.  Because worm gearboxes offer high ratio speed reduction in a small package, they are a popular speed reducer solution. When making a worm gearbox selection, it is important to keep both your application and project specifications in mind.


  • Features


    • Ribbed aluminum housing*  provides expanded surface area and greater heat dissipation than traditional cast iron housings. This allows for higher thermal capacity and reduced internal pressure build-up.
    • Variodrive units have two bearings along the input shaft. This helps prevent leaks and increases flexibility in mounting options versus reducers with a bushing on the input.
    • Variodrive units are available with standard NEMA motor flange as well as optional IEC motor flanges to fit your needs.
    • Variodrive units utilize O-rings on the input flange and output cover to prevent leaks.
    • Units are sealed more effectively than similar units using paper gaskets.
    • All Variodrive units come standard as a hollow output bore design with optional plug-in shafts. This allows you to lower inventory levels and improve profitability.
    • Due to the improved heat dissipation of the Variodrive unit, no breather plug or ventilation is required. Our units are sealed for life which greatly reduces the opportunity for outside contaminants to enter lubricant and reduce reducer life.
    • Variodrive units are available in ratios up to 100:1 in a single reduction stage and 10,000:1 in a double reduction unit.
    • Variodrive units are painted with high-quality epoxy paint. This, along with the aluminum housings, help keep these units free from corrosion.
    • Designed to be directly interchangeable with most industry-standard NMRV and NRV models.
  • Applications

    Agriculture & Forestry:

    • Sprayers
    • Wheel Harvesters
    • Tracked Harvesters
    • Feed Mixers
    • Forestry Machinery

    Textile & Recycling:

    • Preparation Process
    • Spinning & Yarn Finishing
    • Fabric Production
    • Recycling Plaint
    • Stand Alone Recycling Machine

    Food Processing & Packaging:

    • Grain Handling
    • Baked Processing
    • Fruit and Beverage Processing
    • Liquid Filling Process
    • Solid Processing

    Intralogistics & Logistics:

    • Access & Aerial Platforms
    • Warehouse & Material Handling
    • Automatic Storage
    • Airport Equipment
    • Logistic & Industrial Cranes
    • Mobile Cranes
    • Conveying

    Construction & Mining:

    • Earth Moving
    • Building Construction
    • Concrete
    • Road Construction
    • Earth Moving Machines
    • Crushing, Grinding, & Material Handling
    • Slurry Processes

    Marine & Offshore:

    • Dredging Vessels
    • Offshore Construction Vessels
    • Work & Tug Boat
    • Offshore Platforms
    • Merchant Vessels
    • Pipe Layers and Cable Layers
  • Nomenclature
    Nomenclature Variodrive Series

    Determining Your Variodrive

    Part Number

    Model: Your Variodrive model is based on whether you require the reducer to be direct coupled to a motor (BMQ) or will be driving the reducer via an external input shaft (B).

    Size: Select the size of your V ariodrive reducer by using our selection charts on pages 6-8. Be sure to select the reducer size that fits the service factor and horsepower requirements of your application.

    Ratio: Select the appropriate ratio that will give you your desired output rpm.

    Input Size: Input size is based on the motor that will be coupled to the reducer. This only applies to BMQ style reducers.

    Output Design: The V ariodrive unit comes standard as a hollow output bore (SM). This unit may also be ordered with a single output shaft (FMR or FML), double output shaft (FMD), or as a flange mount design (FL).

    Mounting Position: Select the appropriate Variodrive mounting position.

    Accessories: Variodrives can be ordered with a variety of accessories.

    Units which are outside of the standard Variodrive design should be designated as “special” and should be submitted for quote. Quote requests should be accompanied by a detailed explanation of the special characteristics of your requested unit

  • Quick Select Guide

    Variodrive Quick Select Guide

    To use the Variodrive Quick Select Guide*:

    1. Once you have determined the appropriate service factor using the service factor guide, select your service factor below to reveal the appropriate size data required to determine the appropirate size of your Variodrive Gear Reducer. 
    2. In the below table, locate your input horsepower on the appropriate chart.
    3. Read across the selected horsepower line until you get to the ratio of the gearbox that you will be using.
    4. Upon reaching the appropriate ratio column you will find the Superior Gearbox Variodrive model number that best suits your selected application.
    5. Click Here to view an example that shows how you would select the proper gearbox for an application that requires a 0.25 hp motor and a 50:1 ratio with a 1.0 service factor. The model that would be selected is a size 040 reducer.

    *The Variodrive Quick Selection Guide is to be used as a selection aid only. The customer is responsible for certifying that the gearbox selected is appropriate for their application.

    Part One of Quick Select GuidePart Two of Quick Select Guide
  • Ratings Chart

    Variodrive Worm Gear Reducer

  • Dimensions
    Variodrive Size and Dimension Chart
  • NEMA Dimensions
    Variodrive NEMA Dimension Chart
  • Mounting Options

    Note: Mounting a worm gear reducer with the input shaft down ( B8 or V 6) will reduce the life of the input seals due to increased heat and pressure.

    This can lead to premature seal failure.

    Superior Gearbox Company always recommends that worm gear units be mounted such that oil pressure on the high-speed shaft seal is minimized.

    Please contact Superior Gearbox Engineering for V 5 or V 6 mount.

  • Accessories

    Variodrive Accessories Chart
  • Download Brochure
    Variodrive Series Brochure Image