Variodrive & Cleandrive Service Factors Selection Guide

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Use the following Service Factor Tables to determine the appropriate service factor based on operating conditions, specific application, or type of motor used.  Once you have determined the appropriate service factor you can then return to your previous page to select your chosen service factor in the drop box provided.

Enclosed Gear Drive Service Factor Chart

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Service FactorOperating Conditions

Moderate Shock - not more than 15 minutes in 2 hours

Uniform Load - not more than 10 hours per day


Moderate Shock - not more than 10 hours per day

Uniform Load - more than 10 hours per day


Heavy Shock - not more than 15 minutes in 2 hours

Moderate Shock - more than 10 hours per day


Heavy Shock - not more than 10 hours per day


Heavy Shock - more than 10 hours per day

Service Factors for Electric and Hydraulic Motors

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Duration of Service (Hours per Day)Uniform LoadModerate ShockHeavy ShockExtreme Shock
Occasional 1/2 Hour--1.001.25
Less than 3 Hours1.
3-10 Hours1.001.251.501.75
Over 10 Hours1.251.501.752.00

Service Factors for Enclosed Gear Drives by Application

* { box-sizing: border-box; } tr.header { cursor:pointer; } #userInput { background-image: url('/css/searchicon.png'); background-position: 10px 10px; background-repeat: no-repeat; width: 100%; font-size: 16px; padding: 12px 20px 12px 40px; border: 1px solid #ddd; margin-bottom: 12px; } #serviceFactorByAppTable { border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%; border: 1px solid #ddd; font-size: 18px; background: white; color: #000000; } #serviceFactorByAppTable th, #myTable td { text-align: left; padding: 12px; } #serviceFactorByAppTable tr { border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd; } #serviceFactorByAppTable tr.header { background-color: #8C8C8C; font-weight: bold; } #serviceFactorByAppTable tr:hover{ background-color: #D9D9D9; font-weight: bold; }
ApplicationAdditional DetailsUp to 3 hrs/day3-10 hrs/dayOver 10 hrs/day
Agitators (Mixers)Pure SolidsNA1.001.25
Liquids and SolidsLiquids-Variable Density1.001.251.50
Brewing and DistillingBottling MachineryNA1.001.25
Brewing and DistillingBrew Kettles, Continuous DutyNA1.001.25
Brewing and DistillingCookers, Continuous DutyNA1.001.25
Brewing and DistillingMash Tubs, Continuous DutyNA1.001.25
Brewing and DistillingScale Hopper, Frequent Starts1.001.251.50
Can Filling MachinesNA1.001.25
Clay Working MachineryBrick Press1.251.501.50
Clay Working MachineryBriquette Machine1.251.501.50
Clay Working MachineryPug Mill1.001.251.50
CompressorsReciprocating, Multi-Cylinder1.001.251.50
CompressorsReciprocating, Single-Cylinder1.251.501.75
Conveyors - General PurposeUniformly Loaded or FedNA1.001.25
Conveyors - General PurposeNot Uniformly Fed1.001.251.50
Conveyors - General PurposeReciprocating or Shaker1.251.501.75
Cranes - Dry DockMain Hoist1.251.501.75
Cranes - Dry DockAuxilliaryt1.251.501.75
Cranes - Dry DockBoom Hoist1.251.501.75
Cranes - Dry DockSlewing Drive1.251.501.75
Cranes - Dry DockTraction Drive1.501.752.00
ContainerMain HoistSee Technical Services
ContainerBoom HoistSee Technical Services
ContainerTrolly DriveSee Technical Services
Mill DutyMain HoistSee Technical Services
Mill DutyAuxilliarySee Technical Services
Mill DutyBridge and Trolley TravelSee Technical Services
Industrial DutyMain Hoist1.001.251.50
Industrial DutyAuxilliarySee Technical Services
Industrial DutyBridge and Trolley TravelSee Technical Services
CrusherStone or Ore1.501.752.00
DredgesCable Reels1.001.251.50
DredgesCutter Head Drives1.251.501.75
DredgesScreen Drives1.251.501.75
ElevatorsCentrifugal Discharge-1.001.25
ElevatorsEscalatorsSee Technical Services
ElevatorsFreightSee Technical Services
ElevatorsGravity Discharge-1.001.25
ExtrudersPlastics - Variable Speed Drive1.501.501.50
ExtrudersPlastics - Fixed Speed Drive1.751.751.75
ExtrudersRubber- Continuous Screw Operation1.501.501.50
ExtrudersRubber- Intermittent Screw Operation1.751.751.75
FansCoolingSee Technical Services
FansForced Draft1.251.251.25
FansInduced Draft1.001.251.50
FansIndustrial and Mine1.001.251.50
Food IndustryCereal Cooker-1.001.25
Food IndustryDough Mixer1.001.251.50
Food IndustryMeat Grinders1.001.251.50
Food IndustrySlicer1.001.251.50
Generators and Exciters-1.001.25
Hammer Mills1.501.501.75
HoistsHeavy Duty1.251.501.75
HoistsMedium Duty1.001.251.50
HoistsSkip Hoist1.001.251.50
Lumber IndustryBarkers - Spindle Feed1.251.251.25
Lumber IndustryBarkers - Main Drive1.501.501.75
Lumber IndustryConveyors - Burner1.251.251.50
Lumber IndustryConveyors - Main or Heavy Duty1.501.501.50
Lumber IndustryConveyors - Main Log1.501.501.50
Lumber IndustryConveyors - Re-Saw, Merry-Go-Round1.251.251.50
Lumber IndustryConveyors - Slab1.501.501.75
Lumber IndustryConveyors - Transfer1.251.251.50
Lumber IndustryChains - Floor1.501.501.50
Lumber IndustryChains - Green1.501.501.50
Lumber IndustryFeeds - Edger1.251.251.50
Lumber IndustryFeeds - Gang1.501.501.50
Lumber IndustryFeeds - Trimmer1.251.251.50
Lumber IndustryLog Deck1.501.501.50
Lumber IndustryLog Haul - Incline - Well Type1.501.501.50
Lumber IndustryLog Turning Device1.501.501.50
Lumber IndustryPlaner Feed1.251.251.50
Lumber IndustryPlaner Tilting Hoists1.501.501.50
Lumber IndustryRolls - Live - Off Brg. - Roll Cases1.501.501.50
Lumber IndustrySorting Table1.251.251.50
Lumber IndustryTipple Hoist1.251.251.50
Lumber IndustryTransfers - Chain1.501.501.50
Lumber IndustryTransfers - Causeway1.501.501.50
Lumber IndustryTransfers - Tray Drives1.251.251.50
Lumber IndustryVeneer Lathe DrivesSee Technical Services
Metal MillsDraw Bench Carriage & Main Drive1.001.251.50
Metal MillsRunout Table1.001.251.50
Metal MillsNon-Reversing Group Drives1.001.251.50
Metal MillsNon-Reversing Individual Drives1.501.501.75
Metal MillsReversing1.501.501.75
Metal MillsSlab Pushers1.251.251.50
Metal MillsShears1.501.501.75
Metal MillsWire Drawing1.001.251.50
Metal MillsWire Winding Machine1.001.251.50
Metal Strip Processing MachineryBridles1.251.251.50
Metal Strip Processing MachineryCoilers & Uncoilers1.001.001.25
Metal Strip Processing MachineryEdge Trimmers1.001.251.50
Metal Strip Processing MachineryFlatteners1.001.251.50
Metal Strip Processing MachineryLoopers (Accumulators)
Metal Strip Processing MachineryPinch Rolls1.001.251.50
Metal Strip Processing MachineryScrap Choppers1.001.251.50
Metal Strip Processing MachineryShears1.501.501.75
Metal Strip Processing MachinerySlitters1.001.251.50
Mills-Rotary TypeBall & Rod1.501.501.75
Mills-Rotary TypeSpur Ring Gear1.501.501.50
Mills-Rotary TypeHelical Ring Gear1.501.501.50
Mills-Rotary TypeDirect Connected1.501.501.75
Mills-Rotary TypeCement Kilns1.501.501.50
Mills-Rotary TypeDryers & Coolers1.501.501.50
Paper MillsAgitator (Mixer)1.501.501.50
Paper MillsAgitator for Pure Liquids1.251.251.25
Paper MillsBarking Drums1.751.751.75
Paper MillsBarkers - Mechanical1.751.751.75
Paper MillsBeater1.501.501.50
Paper MillsBreaker Stack1.251.251.25
Paper MillsColander1.251.251.25
Paper MillsChipper1.751.751.75
Paper MillsChip Feeder1.501.501.50
Paper MillsCoating Rolls1.251.251.25
Paper MillsConveyors - Chip, Bark, Chemical1.251.251.25
Paper MillsConveyors - Log (Including Slab)1.751.751.75
Paper MillsCouch Rolls1.251.251.25
Paper MillsCutter1.751.751.75
Paper MillsCylinder Molds1.251.251.25
Paper MillsDryers - Paper Machine1.251.251.25
Paper MillsDryer - Conveyor Type1.251.251.25
Paper MillsEmbosser1.251.251.25
Paper MillsExtruder1.501.501.50
Paper MillsFourdrinier Rolls (Including Lump Breaker, Dandy Roll, Wire Turning, and Return Rolls)
Paper MillsJordan1.251.251.25
Paper MillsKiln Drive1.501.501.50
Paper MillsMt. Hope Roll1.251.251.25
Paper MillsPaper Rolls1.251.251.25
Paper MillsPlatter1.501.501.50
Paper MillsPresses- Felt & Suction1.251.251.25
Paper MillsPulper1.501.501.75
Paper MillsPumps - Vacuum1.501.501.50
Paper MillsReel (Surface Type)
Paper MillsScreens - Chip1.501.501.50
Paper MillsScreens - Rotary1.501.501.50
Paper MillsScreens - Vibrating1.751.751.75
Paper MillsSize Press1.251.251.25
Paper MillsSuper Colander1.251.251.25
Paper MillsThickener - AC Motor1.501.501.50
Paper MillsThickener - DC Motor1.251.251.25
Paper MillsWasher - AC Motor1.501.501.50
Paper MillsWasher - DC Motor1.251.251.25
Paper MillsWind & Unwind Stand1.001.001.00
Paper MillsWinders - Surface Type1.251.251.25
Paper MillsYankee Dryers1.251.251.25
Plastics Industry - Priming ProcessingIntensive Internal Mixers - Batch Mixers1.751.751.75
Plastics Industry - Priming ProcessingIntensive Internal Mixers - Continuous Mixers1.501.501.50
Plastics Industry - Priming ProcessingBatch Drop Mill - 2 Smooth Rolls1.251.251.25
Plastics Industry - Priming ProcessingContinuous Feed, Holding & Blend Mill1.251.251.25
Plastics Industry - Priming ProcessingCompounding Mills1.251.251.25
Plastics Industry - Priming ProcessingColanders1.501.501.50
Plastics Industry - Secondary ProcessingBlow Molders1.501.501.50
Plastics Industry - Secondary ProcessingCoating1.251.251.25
Plastics Industry - Secondary ProcessingFilm1.251.251.25
Plastics Industry - Secondary ProcessingPipe1.251.251.25
Plastics Industry - Secondary ProcessingPre-Plasticizers1.501.501.50
Plastics Industry - Secondary ProcessingRods1.251.251.25
Plastics Industry - Secondary ProcessingSheet1.251.251.25
Plastics Industry - Secondary ProcessingTubing1.251.251.50
PullersBarge Haul1.001.501.75
PumpsSingle Acting, 3 or more cylinders1.001.251.50
PumpsDouble Acting, 2 or more cylinders1.001.251.50
PumpsRotary - Gear Type-1.001.50
PumpsRotary - Lobe-1.001.25
PumpsRotary - Vane-1.001.25
Rubber IndustryIntensive Internal Mixers - Batch Mixers1.501.501.75
Rubber IndustryIntensive Internal Mixers - Continuous Mixers1.251.501.50
Rubber IndustryMixing Mill - 2 Smooth Rolls (if corrugated rolls are used, then use the same service factors that are used for a Cracker-Warmer)1.501.501.50
Rubber IndustryBatch Drop Mill - 2 Smooth Rolls1.501.501.50
Rubber IndustryCracker Warmer - 2 Roll: 1 Corrugated Roll1.751.751.75
Rubber IndustryCracker- 2 Corrugated Rolls1.751.751.75
Rubber IndustryHolding, Feed & Blend Mill - 2 Rolls1.251.251.25
Rubber IndustryRefiner - 2 Rolls1.501.501.50
Rubber IndustryColanders1.501.501.50
Sand Miller1.001.251.50
Sewage Disposal EquipmentBar Screens-1.001.25
Sewage Disposal EquipmentChemical Feeders-1.001.25
Sewage Disposal EquipmentDewatering Screens1.001.251.50
Sewage Disposal EquipmentScum Breakers1.001.251.50
Sewage Disposal EquipmentSlow or Rapid Mixers1.001.251.50
Sludge Collectors1.001.001.25
Vacuum Filters1.001.251.50
ScreensAir Washing-1.001.25
ScreensRotary - Stone or Gravel1.001.251.50
ScreensTraveling - Water Intake-1.001.25
Sugar IndustryBeet Slicer1.501.501.75
Sugar IndustryCane Knives1.501.501.50
Sugar IndustryCrusher1.501.501.50
Sugar IndustryMills - Low Speed End1.501.501.50
Textile IndustryBatchers1.001.251.50
Textile IndustryCalenders1.001.251.50
Textile IndustryCards1.001.251.50
Textile IndustryDry Cans1.001.251.50
Textile IndustryDryers1.001.251.50
Textile IndustryDyeing Machinery1.001.251.50
Textile IndustryLooms1.001.251.50
Textile IndustryMangles1.001.251.50
Textile IndustryNappers1.001.251.50
Textile IndustryPads1.001.251.50
Textile IndustrySlashers1.001.251.50
Textile IndustrySoapers1.001.251.50
Textile IndustrySpinners1.001.251.50
Textile IndustryTenter Frames1.001.251.50
Textile IndustryWashers1.001.251.50
Textile IndustryWinders1.001.251.50
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