Cleandrive Quick Select Guide

Industrial Worm Gear Reducer for High Sanitation Environments

Cleandrive Series | Food Grade Duty Industrial Worm Gear Reducer

Superior Gearbox is a leader in providing industrial worm gear drive technologies designed for reliable performance in tough industrial Food Grade Duty applications.  We offer a range of standard washdown Cleandrive gearboxes specifically designed to meet the needs of the food & beverage, meat & poultry, marine, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. This type of unit is ideal for applications that require high-pressure washing of food products and are available in a variety of sizes.

  • Features

    Features and Benefits:

    • CleanDrive units adhere to generally accepted principles of sanitary design required in the food industry. The Cleandrive series enhances the functionality of equipment and facilities while reducing the potential threat of product cross-contamination.

    • CleanDrive units feature housings shafts and hardware in Stainless Steel.

    • CleanDrive units use premium bearings and seals.

    • CleanDrive units feature premium food-grade synthetic lubricant.

    • CleanDrive units feature smooth surfaces to comply with stringent requirements for the food processing industry.

    • CleanDrive units feature laser engraved nameplates.

    • All products within the Superior Gearbox CleanDrive product
      lines incorporate sound elements of design that allow for easier
      access to facilitate cleaning.

    • CleanDrive units are designed to help provide a safe production
      environment for our customers.

    • Designed to be directly interchangeable with most industry-standard NMRV applications requiring a high standard of hygiene such as the food industry.

  • Applications


    Typical applications for Cleandrive Series Industrial Worm Gear Reducers include: Transport conveyors, sorting machines, cleaning/washing machines, filling/dosing/dispensing machines, drying machines, heating/freezing machines, packaging machines, palletizing machines, bucket elevators, pump drives (diaphragm metering, rotary lobe, screw spindle, centrifugal, impeller), marine (anchor winch, capstan), candy machines, bakery ovens, and feed extruders.

    • Meat & Poultry
    • Seafood Processing
    • Fruit & Vegetables
    • Dairy
    • Flours & Derivatives
    • Beverages
    • Food Packaging & Processing
    • Bakery
    • Animal Food
    • Marine
  • Nomenclature
    Nomenclature Variodrive Series
  • Quick Select Guide

    Cleandrive Quick Select Guide

    To use the Cleandrive Quick Select Guide*:

    1. Once you have determined the appropriate service factor using the service factor guide, select your service factor below to reveal the appropriate size data required to determine the appropirate size of your Cleandrive Gear Reducer. 
    2. In the below table, locate your input horsepower on the appropriate chart.
    3. Read across the selected horsepower line until you get to the ratio of the gearbox that you will be using.
    4. Upon reaching the appropriate ratio column you will find the Superior Gearbox Cleandrive model number that best suits your selected application.
    5. Click Here to view an example that shows how you would select the proper gearbox for an application that requires a 0.18 KW motor and a 50:1 ratio with a 1.0 service factor. The model that would be selected is a size 050 reducer.

    *The Cleandrive Quick Selection Guide is to be used as a selection aid only. The customer is responsible for certifying that the gearbox selected is appropriate for their application.

    Cleandrive Service Factor Quick Select GuideCleandrive Service Factor Quick Select Guide
  • Ratings Chart
    Cleandrive Ratings Chart
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    Cleandrive Size and Dimension Chart

  • IEC Dimensions

    Cleandrive IEC Dimension Chart

    Cleandrive IEC Dimension Chart

  • Optional Torque Arm

    Cleandrive IEC Dimension Chart

  • Download Brochure
    Cleandrive Series Brochure Image