Custom Gear Drives for Spreaders

Generally, gear drives transfer rotational power from one part to another, often transferring the force into different planes or orientations.  Gear drives are complex assemblies of gears and other mechanical parts that facilitate the movement of power from one part to a connected part. By transferring power, they can increase speed, reduce speed, amplify torque, and more.

Gear drives are a critical component in any spreader assembly and are used to drive the spinning discs, fans, and conveyors found in spreader equipment.  Spreaders used to deposit even layers of material (such as grass seed, sand, salt, top dressings, prilled/granular fertilizer, and rocks) across the ground by using a conveyor apron to deliver a steady flow of material onto a fan or spinning disc spreading the material.

Spreader gear drives can be powered by a motor (found in industrial fertilizing tools) or by manually turning a wheel (found in hand-powered wagons for depositing grass seed across a front lawn). While all gear drives share the same core design and function, Superior Gearbox offers a variety of gear drives in a wide range of configurations and styles to accommodate varying spreading scenarios.  For more than 40 years, Superior Gearbox has been the premier resource for reliable, high performance power transmission solutions for the most demanding spreader applications.

Custom Superior Gearbox Spreader Gear Drives

At Superior Gearbox, we specialize in creating custom solutions that fit the specifications and needs of our clients.  Our gearboxes are well suited for a variety of applications on farms, golf courses, food plots, park systems, athletic fields, and even campuses.  Regardless of application, commercial, residential, walk-behind, tailgate or hopper salt spreader, Superior Gearbox manufacturers gear drives that can be used on just about any spreader.

For equipment manufacturers requiring specialized customization options for a new or existing project,  we provide engineering, machining, and assembly services to create custom gear drives, gearboxes, gear reducers and more.

Four of our most popular gearbox product lines include:

IP39 Series (Single & Dual)

The IP39 series of gearboxes features parallel shaft gear reduction and come in with both a single and dual hydraulic motor input. These assemblies efficiently transmit power from the motor input to a parallel output shaft.  Each product is lightweight and made from durable aluminum that offers resistance to corrosion, high thermal capacity, and increased mechanical strength.  Both the IP39 Single and IP39 Dual series have been precision machined to prolong the functional lifespan of the assembly and ensure reliable performance.

Each component of the IP39 series can handle high-performance and continual-use applications.  Our dual input IP39 series allows for two hydraulic inputs maximum power transmission with limited available space.

W260 Series

Our W260 series of gearboxes feature a worm gear reducer to modify the direction of the rotational force.  They come in both left-hand and right-hand options for maximum flexibility.  This series is ideally suited for apron drive applications found on spreader wagons and bulk feeders because of their sturdy but compact build and high torque capacity.

V210 Series

The V210 series of worm gear reducers are built for low-input power sources, providing strength,
reliability, and complete control over the output. These low input speed reducers provide high ratio speed reduction in a small package, making them the ideal power solution for spreader application. Shafts can be customized and built to your equipment specification to provide a custom fit, reduce installation time, and simplify the design of other components.

Right Angle Bevel Gear Drives

Superior Gearbox offers several right angle bevel gear drives in a variety of shaft configurations and specifications that are ideal for spreader applications requiring an angled gearbox driven by a PTO.  These rugged angle power transmission devices are designed to provide a long service life, quiet gear operations, and are offered in a wide range of ratios.

Smaller units such as the R100 and R200 Series are ideal for ground-driven and PTO driven applications that require a heavy-duty gearbox in smaller spaces.  However, If your application requires a larger, more robust gearbox design, Superior’s R400, R500, R600, R700, and R800 series are not only engineered to withstand even the most demanding operating challenges, but these units are also site proven in a variety of spreader applications and industries.  Each unit is built from high-quality materials and engineered to minimize stress and wear to ensure a long-lasting performance.

Spreader Gearbox Applications

Gear drive spreaders have a wide range of applications across consumer, commercial, and industrial markets. Because they can reliably turn circular disks and release even layers of media across the ground, users employ them for cases ranging from personal landscaping to tightly regulated food production applications. Some of the most common applications for spreader gear drives in commercial and industrial contexts include the following:

● Ag and Turf Spreader
● Fertilizer Spreader
● Lime Spreader
● Litter Spreader
● Manure Spreader
● Rock Spreader
● Salt Spreader
● Sand Spreader
● Seed Spreader
● Shaving Spreader
● Side Discharge Spreader
● Topdressing Mix Spreader
● Truck Mounted Spreader

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