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The Role of an Industrial Gearbox

Click to Expand An industrial gearbox is an enclosed system where mechanical energy is transferred from one device to a driving tool to increase torque and reduce speed. A gearbox is made of several components that work cohesively to complete a variety of industrial tasks that require high power delivery from the power source. Industrial […]

Types of Industrial Gearboxes

Click to Expand Industrial gearboxes are embedded systems that deliver mechanical energy to an output device. They modify the torque, speed, and rate of rotation to convert energy into a compatible format. Industrial gearboxes are designed to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, at great speeds for prolonged periods. The majority of an industrial gearbox is made […]

Stainless Steel Gear Drives for Sanitary Food Processing

A variety of manufacturing and conveying systems help with the production, packaging, and delivery of products in the food and beverage industry.  To ensure this equipment functions properly, these systems require reliable components to facilitate consistent efficiency across the production line.  One of these components is a stainless-steel gear drive.  Choosing a gear reducer that […]

Bevel Gear Boxes for Agricultural Harvesters

The high load capacity of bevel gearing makes it widely used in mechanical transmission systems, such as tractor transmission systems.  For large agricultural equipment such as modern harvesters, high-performance gearboxes are critical to ensure maximum availability during the harvesting process. This means that agricultural equipment OEMs must use high-performance gearboxes. For optimum performance, these machines […]

MODEX 2022 – The Premier Supply Chain Event

Stop by and see Superior Gearbox Company at MODEX 2022, booth C5275. The largest manufacturing and supply chain event, MODEX, is returning to Atlanta on March 28th and Superior Gearbox will be there! We are excited to not only attend this event, but to also be one of the 800 exhibitors who will be displaying solutions and […]

Superior Gearbox Showcases Gear Drives for Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment at the 2022 IPPE.

  Superior Gearbox Company is eager to showcase power solutions for the poultry industry at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), January 25-27th in Atlanta. As the world’s largest annual poultry, meat, and feed industry event of its kind, this year’s IPPE will bring together representatives from all over the world including operation and […]

Custom Gear Drives for Spreaders

Generally, gear drives transfer rotational power from one part to another, often transferring the force into different planes or orientations.  Gear drives are complex assemblies of gears and other mechanical parts that facilitate the movement of power from one part to a connected part. By transferring power, they can increase speed, reduce speed, amplify torque, […]

How to Source Custom Gear Reducers

Gear reducers—also known as speed reducers or gearboxes—are mechanical devices used to reduce the input power source speed to achieve the desired output speeds and raise the output torque to appropriate levels for the application. They consist of an input gear with fewer teeth than the output gear. This design causes the output gear to […]

What Is a Worm Gear?

A worm gear, also called a worm drive, is a gear configuration in which a screw or worm meshes with the teeth of a gear. Worm gears are typically used when substantial speed reductions are required. A worm gear configuration enables the rotational speed to be adjusted, which is ultimately determined by the number of […]