Bevel Gear Drive Overview

Beveled geardrive overview of miter, increaser, and reducer Superior Gearbox Company’s high-quality right angle gear drives are designed for efficiency, quiet operation, and a long service life.


We offer a broad selection of right angle gear drives in various configurations, materials, and multiple ratios. Standard catalog items include precision and commercial quality gear drives offered in inch sizes.  Modifications or custom designs can be produced if the standard does not meet your application requirements.  For modifications or custom designs call and speak to a Superior representative.




GearTwo-piece aluminum housing for high strength, corrosion resistance, and thermal capacity.


GearPrecision machined for exact gear mesh and bearing preload.



Precision-forged gears are offered in ratios ranging from 2.92:1 – 1:2.



Tapered roller bearings provide increased load capacity and bearing life.



All standard shafts are made of high strength steel.



All gear drives are serviced with 80W90 gear lubricant, ran, and leak tested before shipment.